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T E S T I M O N I A L S 

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Capitol Heights, MD

"These classes has been very enlightening and rewarding to me. I’m an older gentleman and I know now things my sons or their friends don’t know. I thank God for a brother like Steve! I will encourage others to come and take part in these classes. They are a blessing!"

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Waterford, MI

"Steve has done a great job of teaching us the difference between a wallet and exchange. We’re also learning how to navigate through various exchanges, what to look for and how to take advantage of the market."

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Pasadena, MD

"The information that has been taught of trusted exchanges, has been very important. Learning from someone who has been successful in crypto currency trading has been very insightful. Watching and seeing what Steve is doing to have his money work for him is fascinating and giving me confidence to make similar trades as well. Steve's encouragement of "just do it" is enabling me to make trades with him as he shows us how to do so.  Also watching his training videos gives us confidence to make the trades."

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Perry, GA

"Very engaging, knowledgeable and responsive. I love and appreciate the live, hands-on coaching. Steve works diligently to ensure that all members are understanding his teachings!"

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Columbia, SC

"Awesome training! I've learned how to move money in and out without difficulty. Distinguishing between a wallet and an exchange, my confidence & knowledge level has increased when it comes to cryptocurrency. We have a lot of fun and he explains it all so well and encourages us to ask questions and walks through each step with us as a group and individually."

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Suitland, MD

"Financial Education 101 for assimilating into the crypto space.

E-Brand training is a very resourceful basic introduction to the world of digital currency. We are learning the entire process of maximizing exchange rates and how to play the percentages to take our profits. Priceless teaching, and as a baby boomer looking to retire, I am overcoming the digital learning curve. Thank you sir for your patience, caring and sharing your Financial Experience with us. Now I am learning from one the best crypto minds on the East Coast."

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Compton, CA 

"Learning some great trading tips. Steve is very knowledgeable and patient!"

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Oldsmar, FL

"One of the nuggets I've gotten from Steve is the option to go into an exchange and compare going price for BTC and KBC to be able to take advantage of the best price, time to buy and sell, and in which exchanges to do so!"

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Clinton, MD

"The pace of the instruction is great. I have been able to open wallets and have all of the tools in place to begin the funding process. (And understand what I’ve done.) S. Coates Enterprises provides a platform to participate and learn from hands on actions instead of just watching. The value of this membership is


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Suffolk, Va.

"As someone who has traded the various financial markets (forex, options), it has really been a joy to gain a working knowledge of the cryptocurrency market via Steve!"

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Germantown, MD

"I’ve learned how to navigate between other wallets and exchanges. I’m learning how to maximize my money by moving and reading the exchanges!"

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Princeton, NJ 

"A knowledgeable and passionate speaker who has helped to make complex topics simple. That is how I would describe Mr. Coates' instruction during the E-Brand Club sessions. We've discussed crypto currency, business practices and much more. Each session to date has provided valuable and/or helpful insight on becoming a more astute business person."

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Mentone, CA

"I am so loving the user friendly info. that is being shared. It makes it easy to apply in real time learning to get in & get out for maximum profit opportunity As well as the plethora of experience & knowledge that is being shared from other successful business ventures I am sooo excited for my success stories in year 2020 & beyond."

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Statesboro, GA

"You are an amazing leader and I appreciate you highly! I have learned how to exchange on different platforms, by moving money, coins, arbitrage in desired spaces, I never knew about before. Thanks to you and many others. When you've experienced something in life you have the ability to help, share and show others how they can make the same accomplishments."

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Central Islip, NY

"The amount of confidence that I have gained about cryptocurrency is immeasurable. If we are not getting on board the train is definitely leaving without us. Cryptocurrency is the way and most importantly of the future. Don’t get left behind. Join our group. Mr. Coates is more than generous with his knowledge."

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